“I help coaches & consultants implement authentic automation and aligned systems that attract dream clients 24/7 so they can focus on their purpose.”

JONAS GOLDT – Automation Alchemist, Chatbot Funnel Consultant, & Bizcologist

Jonas Goldt

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What Others Say About Me

Raquel Devillé

Yoga Therapist and Teacher

“Jonas helped me simplify my life with bots. Now I’m sure my customers get timely answers and replies and I have zero stress.”

Carlene Maria

Founder & Creative Genius of Calculating Grace

Before joining Jonas’ Chatbot Starter Kit, I felt overwhelmed by chatterboxing and wanted to have a system of how to direct people to where I wanted them to go. Afterwards, I felt competent to have a professional sounding chatbot to direct people where I want to go.

Sharon Burch

Founder & Business Coach, New Directions for Nurses

I was looking for a way to reach my ideal customers. I needed a solution that was efficient with my time and energy, and I was curious about using automation, including chatbots. In the Chatbot Starter Kit, Jonas provided a template for setting my chatbot that was super easy to use.

Marie-Iouise Pereira

Mindful Confidence Coach

“Thank you Jonas for helping me to move the needle in my marketing and profile strategy! As a solopreneur I always find very useful to have precise feedback. It is a work in progress and your clarity is definitely helping me to move towards my dream.”

Adrian Pfalzgraf

Co-Founder & CEO, GreenAdapt, www.greenadapt.de

“It seemed so easy for Jonas to grasp the complexity of our business situation and come up with tailored solutions. He has the charm of being analytical and focused while being uplifting at the same time. Working with him was a very productive and enjoyable experience.”

About Me

Jonas Goldt is the Automation Alchemist and a Chatbot Funnel Consultant. As a multi-faceted Psychologist, specialized in Human-Computer Interaction, Jonas focuses on cutting-edge entrepreneurship and authentic automation.

With over 6 years of entrepreneurial experience – from formerly co-founding a Berlin-based Health and Wellness start-up, leading a small team, to running an online business – it became Jonas’ mission to help service-driven entrepreneurs implement the systems they need to fully express themselves and change the world.

He creates heart-based and fun automation systems that create engaged leads that easily become clients. Jonas believes chatbots can be filled with love and passion that inspire trust and connection. They can create a unique experience that entices future clients asking for more.

Jonas offers consulting as well as done-with-you and done-for-you services that focus on authentic automation, hand-tailored funnels, and systems that make managing a growing business easier.

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