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When you’re an introvert leading sales conversations and doing 1:1 marketing can be draining. Though I heard this from non-introverts as well 😲

End of 2020, I was working on my previous project and I realized how I had been spending weeks doing organic marketing. I was reaching out to dozens of people, and having conversations. Some were leading into really in-depth hour-long inspirational chats.

Three chats ended up in serious sales conversations and Zoom calls. I got validated once more that my offer had been enticing and the pricing reasonable. Yet, I also learned that they either currently weren’t able to afford it or they had just started working with a coach.

(Hold your horses 🐎 sales coaches! I know you’d like to intervene now with the old “it’s just an excuse” spiel! But I intuitively knew that it wasn’t, so save it! 😉 )

I realized that I needed to connect AND qualify at the same time. So that I only have people in my enrollment calls who are perfect prospects, potential clients, ready to buy now.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the conversations I was having (and still do). Getting to know people and building real connections with amazing people worldwide is invaluable and uplifting 💛

Yet, when you’re a solopreneur (or have a small team), you – literally – cannot afford to spend all of your time with something that does not lead into THE thing that makes a business a business: sales.

And when you are just starting out as a coach or consultant – or when you got a 1:1 business – the best thing to do is having 1:1 conversations.

Well, yes, I knew the potential and value of having conversations for marketing. But I also realized the dangers of not spending my time on promotive business activities.

Then I remembered a captivating experience with a chatbot in Messenger some weeks before and how I was loving it. And I almost bought a 1K program from someone I hadn’t even known before – within a couple of minutes. The experience was that engaging and connecting (and the program was valuable as well)!

Connecting the dots, I longed to have a chatbot myself that attracts and qualifies potential clients to get enrollment calls booked from perfect prospects – basically while I sleep.

✨But then something MAGICAL happened.✨

After I educated myself on chatbots, messenger marketing, and conversational marketing. Studying training videos, doing a course, and creating my own chatbot funnel, I really started loving chatbots.

I suddenly realized HOW much I enjoyed the creative and implementational process. And that I felt alive and inspired.

And completely unexpected, I felt that I wanted to do THIS as my business from now on: Creating chatbots for my fellow coaches and consultants. I know how much they would benefit from having (semi-)automated conversations in their marketing as well.

So, here I am:


WOOHOO, that feels and sounds so good!

And it makes so much sense. I’ve come full circle 🟡

In my studies, I majored in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and then specialized in Engineering Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction. So, now suddenly being in love with Chatbots and Conversational Marketing is just a logical and natural step for me.

I’m in my Zone of Genius.

I’m so excited for the time coming! 🤩

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