About Jonas Goldt

Humankind Should Thrive

Jonas is a Holistic Business Psychologist and entrepreneur on a mission to spread a new perspective on how we do business. He works with business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches to help them re-align with their natural state of mind, happiness and abundance so they can Thrive in every aspect of life. 

“I want to help humankind to thrive. I want to take my part – and my responsibility – in the upcoming of humankind’s TRUE potential. So that all humans live joyfully and abundantly and peacefully. So that the world regains its balance.”

Life Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

Jonas learned it the hard way what it means to be a start-up founder with a team as well as to be a solopreneur running an online business. As many business owners he was trapped in the typical behavior of hustling, working hard, and losing energy and, finally, joy. This experience brought him to the insight being an entrepreneur needs to be different – big time!

“Every human being comes into this world with a unique set of gifts and a unique purpose. Yet our times, our society, our family, our environments impact the extent of how much we can recognize our gifts and role here on earth, let alone fulfill it.”

Re-Aligning As Key To Success

Having recognized that these were all symptoms of misalignment, Jonas deepened his understanding of universal laws, of mindset, inner work and psychology as the ultimate keys to true success. His insights were so game-changing he made it his mission to share them with the world and help everyone re-align with their true self.

“I want to empower the empowerers. I want to self-empower the self-empowerers. I want to impact them to have the greatest impact possible.”

How Can I Help You Thrive?

I would love to get to know you and hear how I can help you re-align and thrive. That is why I am offering you a free 20-minute Discovery Call. You can book your appointment by clicking on the button below.

Do You Have More Questions?

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