As conscious entrepreneurs we are destined to have the biggest positive impact possible. We want to change the world while gaining personal and financial freedom by running a successful business. But when you are like me some years ago, you often feel that you have so much more potential inside of you that you are not showing. Or that the growth of your business could be way faster.

From Hustling Founder To Conscious Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs, especially when we are starting out or when we are solopreneurs (like I am now), are forced to be allrounders. Which actually can be quite a helpful skill and an asset. But it often leaves us doing things we don’t like or which even drain our energy.

When I co-founded my first startup in 2015 (which now became a side hustle) I was hustling and doing kind of everything. The MOST FRUSTRATING part was that I did a LOT of things that I hated to do and that I often procrastinated until the very last moment. And then I was resentful towards the (poor innocent) tasks I was doing – like bookkeeping (Am I good with numbers? Yes, I kind of am. Am I fond of going through paperwork 4+ hours in row? NOPE!).

Doing energy draining tasks then also left me less time and energy for the tasks I desire doing (like concepting or training my interns). And that lead to long working hours and finally to 2 (yes, 2!) phases of “entrepreneurial fatigue”. Yes, this is a thing. And yes, this is just a fancy word for exhaustion which is just one step before ending up burning out.

That’s when I decided that things have to change! BIG TIME! I felt that I could never really thrive when I stay in this entrepreneurial hamster wheel (wait, didn’t I choose to run my own businesses to NOT be in a hamster wheel the first place?!). I wrapped my mind around how entrepreneurship, in this day and age, can and should be done differently.

The 4 Big Business Blocks

Analyzing myself and observing other entrepreneurs I identified four big business blocks that most if not all entrepreneurs are practicing to some extent. These blocks slow down or are even detrimental to our success. That’s why it is so important to know them, so that we can tackle them ASAP. The four big business blocks of entrepreneurs are:

  • Doing things we don’t like doing or that are not aligned with ourselves drains our energy and can make us quite unhappy in the long run.
  • Standing in our own way – and our success – which keeps us in the same hamster wheel.
  • Feeling obliged to work hard and long hours and hustle – copycatting the old school businesswoman or businessman from the olden days.
  • Working by ourselves, hence increasing overwhelm and uncertainty as well as fostering a feeling of solitude and making ourselves a lone wolf.

4 Ways To Leverage Your Conscious Business Success

In my work with other entrepreneurs I found that there are 4 BIG BOOSTERS any conscious entrepreneur can leverage to thrive and bust the big business blocks:

#1 Know Thyself

Figure out who you really are. What are your skills? What are your values? What makes you unique? What is you secret superpower that sets you apart from others?

#2 Unblock Yourself

Know your “enemy” :). Take an inventory of everything that holds you back, e.g. negative self-talk, limiting beliefs or habits that stop you from succeeding, like procrastinating. These success blocks are often subconscious but sometimes reveal themselves. This inventory gives you a great starting point to work on your success blocks.

#3 Maximize Your Impact

Work SMART, not hard. Use leading-edge strategies and systems that keep you on track and even fast-track your positive impact (and revenue). Employ smart habits that bring you the most success. Use tools that ease your workday e.g. by automating tasks or delegating bookkeeping to people who ACTUALLY love doing this (sounds crazy, but is true 😉 ).

#4 Be A Co-creating Conscious Leader

No, it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Be a conscious leader who takes (magical) radical responsibility and get support from someone who guides you like a mentor or a coach, to have more clarity, focus, and accountability. Profit from the short-cuts others provide you with, like online programs or your (virtual) employees. Mingle with other entrepreneurs e.g. join a mastermind, either curated by a business mentor or peer-based.

You can learn to tap into these business boosters and do things differently to make a difference.

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