CHATBOT THAT CONVERTS™ – Program Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Because of the nature of this program, I don’t offer ANY refund or cancellation. Unlike other business online courses and info-products where you’re left to “figure it out”, this group coaching program offers hours of live group coaching, email access, and Done-For-You-Service as well as material and additional support designed to guide you through the process of creating an advanced Chatbot Funnel. This coaching and the infrastructure to offer this program costs me real money, effort, and time because I believe in investing in your success. That’s why I’m asking you to commit to me that you’re fully in, so I can make this investment in you.

Need support?

Whatever you need, we’ve got your back!

If you have questions regarding the program or for general support such as customer service concerns, please email us at support@jonasgoldt.com 


​Since the process is inherently challenging, and at times may not be fun or pleasant to work through, I understand that it’s sometimes easier to request a refund and not deal with this stuff rather than face the emotional blocks, baggage, and the hard work necessary to be successful in this program.

​But I believe in you, and I have made a commitment to guiding you through to the other side.

I guarantee that you will create an advanced Chatbot Funnel, as described, in the 4 weeks of the program, or I’ll give you supplemental coaching until it’s finished.

That means I’m personally guaranteeing your success. 

And it also means that you risk nothing by joining CHATBOT THAT CONVERTS™, because at the end of the program you will have your new advanced Chatbot Funnel running and attracting new potential clients so you can grow your business, and if you don’t, I’ll support you until you do.

To qualify for the guarantee, you’ll just need to do these things:

  1. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions I’ll give you, do the assignments, and put the CTC program into action
  2. Use the coaching, support, and the resources that are available to you
  3. Attend at least two of the live coaching calls
  4. Do all the assignments and document your work along the way, with the last submission accepted 11:59 PM PT on the following Friday after your last group coaching session.

Then by the end of the 4-week program you’ll either have your advanced Chatbot Funnel ready or I’ll give you personal extra support.

I can’t guarantee results in a coaching or consulting relationship because results depend on your openness to being coached and your willingness to do the work.

Note: To be eligible for the guarantee your account must be in good standing and all payments up-to-date as of the last day of the program. If you’re not sure what the last day of the program is for you, feel free to email our support team.

How to claim the guarantee

  • Claim the guarantee no later than by 11:59 PM PT on the following Friday after your last group coaching session by sending an email to support@jonasgoldt.com
  • Use the email subject line “CHATBOT THAT CONVERTS Guarantee Claim”


Next to these Terms and Conditions that refer to the use of the program, the General Terms And Conditions of Jonas Goldt and www.jonasgoldt.com apply. You can find them here.