Are you a Service-based Entrepreneur & want to get new clients without feeling salesy?

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You Know when...

  • Your parents call and you are afraid that they will ask you again how business is going? 
  • You check your bank account at the end of the month and worry about how to pay the bills because you made too little revenue? 
  • You feel frustrated and overwhelmed with all the possibilities and tech and marketing?
  • And yet. Although you know that marketing is essential for your service-based business you procrastinate because it kind of feels salesy?

Well, I help service-based entrepreneurs like coaches, thought leaders and healers, launch and run profitable online businesses aligned with their unique skills and purpose, so they have financial wellbeing while making a positive impact on the world, having peace of mind and joy all along.

About Jonas Goldt

Jonas loves to ignite major transformations, like for his client Maria who he guided from being a stuck frustrated employee to starting a new self-employed project she loves.

By applying Jonas’ signature Human-centered Business approach, his clients build businesses that reflect their individuality and create products their clients want and love.

Jonas Goldt is a multifaceted Psychologist focusing on leading-edge entrepreneurship and product development. His academic training in User-centered Design and Human-Technology Interaction sharpened his stance of taking the needs and specifics of the people into account who actually use a product.

After oscillating from excessive partying in his roaring twenties over becoming a fun-aversive, exhausted overachiever during his studies, Jonas now has found his balance and lives a conscious and mindful lifestyle.