The High-End Service Manifesto

My Quest For Client Excellence

If you are like me, you are service-driven and want your clients to excel. That’s why I had enough of all the online courses and coaching programs out there that over-promise but do not get their clients real results.

It often seems that the focus is on fancy launches only and producing a few presentable testimonials, instead of what clients really want and need to reach their individual goals as fast and easy as possible.

Common guys, is that all we’ve got?

The Coaching Business Building Dilemma

There are thousands of coaches telling people what to do but not helping them do it. There are thousands of course developers and coders that don’t know anything about transformational coaching.

Where does that leave the person that’s trying to build a business right here in the middle of having to choose between finding someone to tell you what to do, and finding someone to do it for you?

This frustration not only kind of spins that person’s wheels but it leaves them alone in the moment they need support the most, trying to build a unique business in a field that’s saturated. There are tons of coaches coaching coaches but who is actually helping coaches build their businesses like delivering services they are not experts in – or that are not in their Zone of Genious, for that matter?

This is not how you do it! We can do better!

Jonas Goldt – High-End Business Coach

We need to refocus on our clients

And that is why I am on a quest for Client Excellence. The High-End Service approach – as emphasized in The High-End Service Manifesto above – leads to leading-edge coaching – and excelling clients. It’s a mindset we can incorporate in all our programs and services, during content creation, and in our marketing and sales.

In other words, High-End Service thinks “client first”. Yet, a client-first approach like High-End Service does not entail neglecting the coach’s needs. Quite the contrary, respecting the coach’s uniqueness is a requirement for putting the client first.

I am fully committed to coach (and teach) High-End Service. 

Are you in?

Awesome! Let’s talk!

“… If you have a feeling there is more in store for you in life, but you are not yet able to grasp what it is: talk to Jonas! He helped me unfold my true potential, gain clarity and direction and I am confident he can help you do the same.”

Maria Steinberg

Digital Transformation Manager & Sales Expert


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