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If you are like me you start an online business to make a difference in the world. You launch your project full of enthusiasm. You give it all you have. But despite that frustration comes. You get overwhelmed. Exhausted. Even versed all-rounders fall into typical pitfalls of complex decision-making.

If that’s not enough, most entrepreneurs are facing mental success blocks. They feel insecure, inept or like an imposter, often unaware of these blocks or unsure how to deal with them. These blocks lead to stress, procrastination, and ineffectiveness. They can make your heart’s desire to feel like unrewarding hard work.

There Is A Better Way

You hear similar stories so often, that you may start believing them. Some people will tell you this is the price you have to pay. But it doesn’t have to be.

Being an entrepreneur for a few years as well by working with and observing other entrepreneurs and coaches, I found that to be successful, entrepreneurs need an aligned, holistic approach.

My mentees – no matter their current situation – benefit from my signature strategy: the F.A.I.R.-Business Formula. We create – or modify – a business design that entails FreedomAlignmentImpact, and Revenue. To fast-track their results they get personalized frameworks and strategies, as well as guidance and compassionate accountability.

Moreover, entrepreneurs who choose to tackle their mental success blocks learn to refocus their minds. Their reward is eye-opening clarity that unlocks unsuspected resources and energy. This holistic change will help you thrive in every aspect of your life – and business.

This is what I want to help you achieve. Thriving.

My Solution For You

6 Month 1:1 Mentoring

Let’s tackle what you need to thrive – no matter if you are starting out or scaling your transformational online business

Compassionate Accountability

I will hold you accountable and help you keep on track – including necessary pushes that come from my heart

Inspired & Intuitive Guidance

I will guide you and inspire you to new heights – impactful co-creating with ease and joy

Bespoke Solutions

You will receive personalized strategies, systems and frameworks that fit your current needs

Holistic Methods & Self-Mastery

My unique holistic methodology will ensure you thrive in all main areas of your life and business

Sounds Good?

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“… If you have a feeling there is more in store for you in life, but you are not yet able to grasp what it is: talk to Jonas! He helped me unfold my true potential, gain clarity and direction and I am confident he can help you do the same.”

Maria Steinberg

Agile Transformation Coach & Sales Expert

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