When I was about 16 or 17 years old I wrote my mum a note in which I promised her to work on my anger issues she had to endure every now and then. At that time we already lived alone in a new apartment. My parents had separated and my two 9 and 12 years older siblings have already left the nest.

It was at this time that I also set my intent to tackle every habit and behavior that pulls me down. This was the beginning of my lifelong journey to Self-Mastery. Only that I hadn’t called it Self-Mastery at that time.

So it was two decades ago, that I made up my mind to become MY BEST SELF.

Have I accomplished it? For the most part, I would say.

If It Is Easy Or Hard Is Up To You

Has it been easy? WAYYYYY NO! But it could have been way easier, if someone had guided or taught me.

When will I accomplish it? When I choose so! This I’ve only grasped recently. But to be honest, it really is a lifelong endeavour since we human beings are constantly growing and evolving.

Some might say “Isn’t this promoting the self-optimization hype that’s going on in our society nowadays?”

Self-Mastery – becoming your best self – is not about optimizing yourself! It’s about allowing yourself to be as you truly are. It’s about letting go of the things that pull you down. It’s about being joyful and happy – all of the time. It’s about knowing who you are and being and living accordingly. It’s about living by your standards – instead of living by default. It’s about letting yourself – and others – be as you are. And – most importantly – it’s about taking radical responsibility for your life.

Your Self-Mastery Profits Everyone Around You

Others might think “Isn’t this a selfish approach,  focussing on yourself?” 

Self-Mastery is a way of living that is mutually profitable for you and all the people you have contact with. When you are your best self and hence fulfilled, you uplift yourself and others. Moreover, you become an example – and an inspiration – for other people to follow suit. 

How have I done this? Now, we’re talking! This is the reason WHY I am writing this – and will write more in the time to come. Because I feel a deep desire to guide other people in their own way to Self-Mastery. Revealing my insights, the “failures” I commited, short-cuts and processes that helped me – and will help you.


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