What I Can Offer You

My mission is to help coaches & consultants implement authentic automation and aligned systems that attract dream clients 24/7 so they can focus on fulfilling their purpose.

I focus on different stages of business growth, from young businesses looking for acceleration to established business looking for optimization and streamlining. 

Me and my team offer services that range from consulting to done-with-you and done-for-you services. They all focus on authentic automation, hand-tailored funnels, and systems that make managing every business easier. Below on this page you an see some examples of different programs.

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If you have any inquiry about how I can help you feel free to write me via the messinger button on this page or book a Chatbot Consult.

Starter Stages of Business Growth

In Less than 1 Hour, Let Your First Lead Generating 🤖Chatbot Engage Ideal Clients in Messenger 24/7

  • The Chatbot Starter Kit is a simple, yet powerful system to attract and engage your Ideal Clients on the Messenger of your Facebook™ Business Page.

  • Create your first Messenger Chatbot that welcomes your leads 24/7 in a fun and engaging way, leading into 1:1 conversations with you.
  • A Starter Chatbot is suitable for coaches, consultants, and course creators in the Starter Stages of Business Growth, where 1:1 connection is the master key to success!
  • No tech-savyness required!


This no fluff, hands-on training helps you quick-start your Messenger Automation.

The topics of the training are:

  • How Your Business Can Benefit From Chatbots 24/7 (No Matter What Stage Your In)
  • How To Craft Captivating Chatbots That Convert
  • Build Your Bot (With Just One Click)
  • How to Generate 100+ Chatbot Leads (Again And Again)


You’ll get exclusive access to my ready-made Chatbot flow that I created for this training.

All you need to do is to import it to your ManyChat™ Account. Since it’s a Starter Chatbot, I made sure that the template works with the current FREE version of ManyChat!

If you can publish a post on Facebook™, you can do this. I promise.


You’ll install, set up, and deploy a Starter Chatbot, that will:

  • Welcome your potential clients on Messenger of your Facebook™ Business Page
  • Deliver your freebie (PDF) directly in Messenger
  • Prompt warmed-up prospects to live chat with you (or your VA)

I will guide you step-by-step through this during the training.

You’ll also receive a downloadable workbook that accompanies the training. Print it out in advance to do the tasks and take notes.

Advanced Stages of Business Growth

Template Based Done-With-You-Service Implementation Program: 


Turn Facebook™ Into a Social Selling Engine That Consistently Attracts High-Quality Leads, While Halving Your Workload! It:

  • Attracts dream future clients systematically and letting them knock at your door (instead of you chasing them all of the time)
  • Engages high-quality leads in a way, that they become eager to take the next step with you – in an instant
  • Converts them automatically both to subscribers of your steadily growing (future) clients list – and even better, to warmed-up prospects scheduling sales calls, because they’re excited to work with you

Customized Done-For-You and Done-With-You Services


A Custom Engaging Chatbot Funnel That Offers An Interactive All-In-One Experience.

The goal of the Chatbot Funnel is to help:

  1. Improve the lead generation process
  2. Target typical Open Rates of 80% – 90% and Click-Through Rates of 20 – 25% (and higher) of Chatbots
  3. Offer leads an engaging and interactive all-in-one experience
  4. Convert leads into enrollment calls, email subscribers, and Facebook Group members
  5. Make more sales

    (Done-With-You + Done-For-You Service)

    • Crafting your Chatbot Funnel Strategy
    • Chatbot Funnel Playbook (digital)
    • 60 – 90 min 1:1 Playbook Planning Session
    • [DONE-FOR-YOU SERVICE]: Building, testing, & deploying your Chatbot Funnel in Messenger of your Facebook page (via ManyChat Pro) with:
    • CORE: 1 Hub Flow & menu set-up
    • ONBOARDING: 1 Welcome Message & 1 Segmentation One-Time Flow
    • 1 PDF Delivery Flow for an existing Lead Magnet, Ref URL, & Comment Trigger (optional: email tool integration)
    • 1 Notification Opt-in Flow with OTN (One-Time Notification) & email tool integration (optional: SMS)
    • 1 Call-To-Action Flow: Facebook Group invite
    • 1 Enrollment Call Invite Flow with qualification process, scheduling tool integration, Ref URL, & Comment Trigger
    • Handover of your Chatbot Funnel (part 1: Convert)
    • Set-up of your ManyChat account “Meet Your Chatbot Funnel” Session

      (Done-With-You + Done-For-You Service)

      • Creating Engagement Flow Content
      • Focus on creating an Interactive Educative Quiz Crafting a winning quiz strategy (including strategy, topic, type)
      • Composing compelling quiz copy (including title, outcomes, and questions)
      • Engagement Flow Content Playbook (digital)
      • 60 min 1:1 Content Coaching Session
      • [DONE-FOR-YOU SERVICE]: Building, testing, & deploying your Chatbot
      • Funnel in Messenger of your Facebook page (via ManyChat Pro) with:
      • 1 Engagement Flow (e.g. quiz), Ref URL, & Comment Trigger
      • 1 Chatbot Funnel Referral Flow (sharing a Facebook Post)
      • “Meet Your Chatbot Funnel” Session (plus Follow Up Session 2 weeks after the handover to check for potential optimizations)

      #3 FUEL YOUR CHATBOT FUNNEL (Done-With-You)

      • Crafting your Funnel Fuel Strategy & Creating Funnel Entry Points
        • Funnel Fuel Playbook (digital)
        • Templates for & feedback on social media presence
        • 60 – 90 min 1:1 Funnel Fuel Strategy & Implementation Session
      • Planning & Running an Organic Launch Campaign
        • Organic Launch Campaign
        • Playbook (digital)
        • 60 min 1:1 Launch Campaign
        • Strategy Session
      • Setting up Paid Traffic
        • 90 min Facebook Ad
        • Implementation Workshop (1:1 or group) for ads that lead to your
        • Chatbot Funnel Templates for & feedback on the creation of ad assets

      Sounds Interesting? Or unsure what you need?

      Feel free to write me via my messinger button on this page or book a Chatbot Consult and we can find out how I can help you.